from conception to completion

What we do

Over the years, our professionals have produced some of the finest construction masterpieces and provided cutting edge engineering solutions leaving our esteemed clients ecstatic. The key to our success has been our zeal to expand our frontiers by undertaking bold designs and implementing daring projects with utmost precision.

Our clientele includes private organisations, government agencies and high net worth individuals etc. We are always at hand to deliver impeccable services to them anytime-anywhere.

Infrastructure being the fundamental framework required for the functioning of a community, ABS Blueprint provides technical expertise and develops infrastructure elements such as roads, water supply systems, sewers, electrical grids, telecommunications and renewable energy systems in various satellite towns, suburbs and in large fully functional high-end residential estates. Our team of professionals with international accreditations in Architecture, Engineering, Urban & Regional Planning, Project Management and Quantity Surveying have completed a series of such projects in line with global best practice.

In order to ensure our clients get value for money throughout the project life-cycle , ABS Blueprint outlines a clear roadmap and actively deploys it’s expertize into realizing the set objectives of a project from conception to completion. We ensure prudent financial management and timely delivery of our projects while emphasizing the best quality at all times.

ABS Blueprint develops prime luxury real estate which defines excellence. We achieve this by going for the best suitable locations for our projects, implementing the most functional and unique designs while ensuring superior quality through

careful attention to details. We believe a home should represent a perfect harmony between the environment and living space therefore our luxury properties aims to ensure that those who reside in them wake up to the good life every day.

At ABS Blueprint, we believe that in order to stay ahead and win in today’s ever evolving fast paced business world, innovation and superior execution is key. Our Strategic Services Unit offers services in formulating and driving strategic initiatives in relation to operational planning and execution, general management operations, risk management and development of new businesses. We engage in strategic partnerships and special joint ventures to diversify our businesses and expand our investment portfolio.

A core component of ABS Blueprint’s overall client service business is consulting. ABS Blueprint provides the industry experiences, commitment and proven results your project needs to help see it through completion. A multidiscipline construction management and engineering consulting firm, we provide the innovative solutions for the proactive support you need to deliver your project on time and within budget.

Serving a wide range of industries and construction projects, we blend diverse expertise with keen foresight to facilitate projects and mitigate construction risks. Whether you are an owner, contractor, or other construction professional, we can assist you in achieving project success from conception to completion.

At ABS Blueprint ltd we believe that the beauty of a project resides both in functionality and aesthetics. Success to us is measured by value, performance and exceeding client’s expectations.

ABS Blueprint ltd seamlessly integrates all of our services – Planning, designing, and Management – to solve client challenges from multiple vantage points, providing unsurpassed holistic, sustainable, and innovative solutions. From high-profile, high-image landmarks to private masterpiece architecture solutions, our professionals know how to balance image and cost appropriately for each unique situation.

This is another component of our client services, we have professionals who are specialists in the area of contemporary interior design and detailing and we also offer special and diverse design themes to fit the needs of our clients. We use a blend of the finest designs and unique high quality materials to produce products that define luxury and comfort.

As part of our vertical integration strategy, ABS Blueprint carries out end-end management of a project and the post construction management of our facilities is evident in the various facility management services we carry out in several private and public properties. Our professionals and resources are put together to ensure we sustain these facilities and maintain the highest of standards always.

ABS Blueprint ltd offers specialist and general procurement services to our various clients, applying industry best practices and personalized solutions. Our supply chain management unit includes sourcing, logistics, and contracting specialists who work to ensure their capabilities are optimized in getting the most value for our clients. Our team’s efforts are aimed at finding cost-effective quality products, with on-time delivery.

We create landscape designs that provides the external aesthetics needed to beautify your projects and the environment. Our aim is to have a complete ecosystem that creates a serene atmosphere of tranquillity and beauty.